KLUB Thirty3 is noW accepting new applications!

Our bdsm / Kink-Fetish events are reopening and we are now only

vetting 33 new applicants for the rest of 2021 + 2022 event seasons.

The events we are currently organizing / hosting on a limited basis and in the regions that have re-opened are our "FJF" / "VFP"; AKF's = All Kinks & Fetishes

Play Parties  + our flagship #SOL3MAT3S regional Foot-Fetish events

In order to attend the FJF / VJP &/or #SOL3MAT3S events you must purchase a membership option:

1. FJF / VFP memberships can be purchased here: http://footjobfridays.com/

2. #SOL3MAT3S memberships can be purchased here: https://sol3mat3s.com/events

AKF & all other K33 events require applications to be

submitted for vetting; apply below to get started

Click on the image below to join SDC

*Please click the submit button only once

Click on the image below to join SLS


KLUB Thirty3's

membership levels 

Klub Thirty3 offers 1 year & multi-year Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond level memberships. Experience our parties anytime you like for the duration of your membership.

In order to purchase a membership, you must submit an application first; then you'll be notified via email if your application is accepted.

Apply to be considered!

Memberships ARE NOT GUARANTEED. All applicants must have

3 Kink Kommunity references or a current K33 member must vouch.

We are a VERY tight-knit kommunity and no outsiders are allowed, EVER!

All Applications are scrutinized & ONLY very few will be considered

If you do not have any references or personally know a K33  member that can

vouch for you DO NOT APPLY and waste our time or you will be black-listed!!

If your application is accepted, you will be notified via email to purchase our bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond level memberships to complete the membership process.

*Active & Retired Military applicants will be prioritized to join our Klub

upon submitting proof of military service with their applications..

*The name on your CDC covid19 vaccination record card must match the name on your state issued DL / ID --NO EXCEPTIONS!

CLICK HERE to familiarize yourself with the health and safety changes we are making to be compliant with CDC guidelines & local municipal rules in regions that have re-opened

*Proof of past or current U.S. Military Service must be on file if any K33 member wants to take advantage of our Military Discounts

*Submitting an ID is MANDATORY to become a K33 member so that we're in compliance with all legal requirements including age requirements

Contact us directly

email us at: