KLUB Thirty3 is noW accepting new applications!

Our bdsm / Kink-Fetish events have reopened in a limited basis and we are

now only vetting new applicants for the 2023 + 2024 event seasons.

The events we are currently organizing / hosting on a limited basis and in the

regions that have re-opened are our Klub Thirty3 "Swing + Kink" events,

our AKF's , OPP's + our #SOL3MAT3S regional Foot-Fetish events. 

Our Swing + Kink events are held in Las Vegas, NV + Los Angeles, CA on a seasonal basis and are only open to members that are couples & single females. If you are applying for membership to our Swing + Kink events APPLY HERE, not below 

You will be notified via email to obtain a silver, gold, or platinum level COUPLES or Single Female membership. SOL3MAT3S applicants will be notified if admitted to obtain an SM regional membership

*Active & Retired U.S. Military applicants will be prioritized to join our Klub

upon submitting proof of U.S. Military service with their applications..

In order to attend our events you must obtain a membership option after being

considered / vetted. If approved you'll be emailed with further instructions to obtain

the appropriate event membership(s):

Currently we have a large volume of applications that we're processing; apply

sooner rather than later to get the vetting process started for your application.

Apply to be considered!

Memberships ARE NOT GUARANTEED. We do prefer that all applicants have

one current K33 member that refers an applicant, if not we may ask for up to

three kommunity references. We are a VERY tight-knit kommunity and no outsiders are allowed, EVER!

All Applications are scrutinized & ONLY very few will be admitted as members

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*The name on your CDC covid19 vaccination record card or negative test results must match the name on your state issued DL / ID --NO EXCEPTIONS!

Click on the image below to join SDC

*Please click the submit button only once


KLUB Thirty3's

SOL3MAT3S memberships

are for single males only 

no couples or single females

Submit a SOL3MAT3S membership application here

CLICK HERE to familiarize yourself with the health and safety changes we are making to be compliant with CDC guidelines & local municipal rules in regions that have re-opened

*Proof of past or current U.S. Military Service must be on file if any K33 member wants to take advantage of our prioritization of Military applicants

*Submitting a valid state issued ID is MANDATORY per SESTA / FOSTA regulations + legal age requirements; all adult entertainment industry applicants must submit a valid state issued DL / ID (that corresponds to either the states of California or Nevada; which are the two states we do business in) to be in full compliance with state + federal laws, no exceptions -Passports & Passport ID cards may not be accepted for adult entertainment applicants

Contact us directly

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email us at: