​*NOTE -all guests are required to tip the ladies for sessions at most k33 parties that have live-action models assigned should any of the guests play / session with any of them.Guests are NOT required to pay other Guests for sessions, only the models are subject to pay 4 play.

TBA, 2021 | #SOL3MAT3S-Long Beach (on our boat at sea)

12:30pm to 6pm

THE PREMIER Foot-Fetish event @Cosmo's: Get passes to this party HERE!

–NO REFUNDS for ANY reason including "no-shows"; ONLY a credit to a future event (of equal value or credit will be applied

towards the purchase of a higher value party-pass) will be granted if we cancel the event or postpone it to another date.

K33 members, get passes to ANY OF our parties below

Photos of @Klub Thirty3's #KinkHaus in Los Angeles, CA

Sat. May 29, 2021 | #SOL3MAT3S-Las Vegas

Klub 33 -THE ONLY Foot worship / Foot-Fetish Party in the entire state of Nevada: Get passes to this party HERE!

Photos of @KlubThirty3's #WustenHaus in Las Vegas, NV

click on the flyers below for party-passes to attend our next scheduled events.

All you need is party-passes to get into the events & ONLY 33 party-passes per

party will be sold making them all ULTRA EXCLUSIVE events!!

CLICK HERE to familiarize yourself with the health and safety changes we are making to be compliant with CDC guidelines & local municipal rules in regions that have re-opened

TBA, 2021 | #SOL3MAT3S-San Diego

7:00pm to 1am

Klub 33 -THE PREMIER San Diego Foot worship / Foot-Fetish Party in the Bay Park area of SD, east of Mission Bay:  Get passes to this party HERE!

SaT. june 26, 2021 | #SOL3MAT3S-SFV

12:30pm to 6pm

THE PREMIER Foot-Fetish / Foot Worship event @Cosmo's: Get passes to this party HERE!



3:33pm to 9:33pm 

Klub 33's - T3MP3LHOF STUDIO in Orange County, ca (Booze, cigars, cards & kink-fetish sessions):  -sessions with the live-action models are $40 per 15mins of "session play Time": Get passes to this party HERE!orVIA:

TBA, 2020 | -#ASPHYX3A- in Las Vegas, NV

7:33pm to 2:00am

Klub 33 Presents... #ASHYX3A in sin city | 3XPERI3NCE TRU3 #ESS3NCE of WOM3N, LIV3 & IN TH3 FL3SH! – Hosted by @Klub Thirty3's in Sin City  (Party-Passes are available for both members & non-mebers: -Get #ASHYX3A Party-Passes HERE!

TBA, 2021 | #SOL3MAT3S-NorCal (Silicon Valley)

6:00pm to 1am

Klub 33 -THE PREMIER-Nor Cal / Bay Area Foot worship / Foot-Fetish Party in the Silicon Valley area of NorCal's Bay Area:  Get passes to this party HERE!

TBA, 2020 | Ticklers Revenge

6:33pm to 2am 

Klub 33 - Ticklers Revenge Party (bdsm / kink-fetish party with emphasis on tickling):  -sessions with the live-action models are $30 per 15mins of "session play TIme": Get passes to this party HERE! or or via: TicklersRevenge.com

*condom use is highly recommended for any type of vaginal / anal penetration play at K33 events

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Feb., 2022 | #SOL3MAT3S-Los Angeles ​& 2ND ANNUAL AWARDS

12:30pm to 6pm

THE PREMIER FOOT-FETISH / Foot worship event: Get passes to this party HERE!

Friday May 21, 2021 |FootJob-Friday! Orange County

​7:33pm to 12:33am

Klub 33 - "FootJob-Friday!" (FootJob / Foot-Fetish Party) in Los Angeles, CA: Get passes to this party HERE!


Most online Party-Passes start at: $33 usually for the first 33 days and /or the first 6 single males.
Online Passes gradually increase as the event dates draw near. Online Passes the day of a party are: $66 --If you prefer to pay at the door, passes that normally start at $33 will be: $88 in cash at the door 
--We offer special discount party-passes to couples, & current / retired US Military --SINGLE LADIES ARE ALWAYS FREE!! *BUY EARLY & $AVE!! 
*Note: Some of our special events may be priced higher than $33 including those formerly with Le RendezVous events will have different prices for party-passes


click on the links to purchase Party-passes for the klub 33 parties that you want to attend

Photos of @KlubThirty3's #KlubHaus in Orange County, CA

Sat. May 22, 2021 | #SOL3MAT3S-orange county, ca

3:33pm to 9:33pm

Klub 33 -THE only Foot-Fetish / Foot Worship event in Orange County, CA @KlubThirty3's #KlubHaus: Get passes to this party HERE!

​​You must be a @KlubThirty3 member to purchase Party-Passes & attend our events! --NO EXCEPTIONS!!

-We DO NOT ADMIT door-pay guests to any of our regional events