Sat. Feb. 20, 2020 | #SOL3MAT3S-Los Angeles ​& 2ND ANNUAL AWARDS

12:30pm to 6pm

THE PREMIER FOOT-FETISH / Foot worship event: Get passes to this party HERE!

Sat. March 27, 2021 | #SOL3MAT3S-orange county, ca

3:33pm to 9:33pm

Klub 33 -THE only Foot-Fetish / Foot Worship event in Orange County, CA @KlubThirty3's #KlubHaus: Get passes to this party HERE!

TBA, 2020 | Ticklers Revenge

6:33pm to 2am 

Klub 33 - Ticklers Revenge Party (bdsm / kink-fetish party with emphasis on tickling):  -sessions with the live-action models are $30 per 15mins of "session play TIme": Get passes to this party HERE! or or via:

K33 members, get passes to ANY OF our parties below

TBA, 2021 | #SOL3MAT3S-Las Vegas

Klub 33 -THE PREMIER Las Veas Foot worship / Foot-Fetish Party): Get passes to this party HERE!

Photos of @KlubThirty3's #WustenHaus in Las Vegas, NV

click on the flyers below for party-passes to attend our next scheduled events.

All you need is party-passes to get into the events & ONLY 33 party-passes per

party will be sold making them all ULTRA EXCLUSIVE events!!

Friday April 16, 2021 |FootJob-Friday! Orange County

​5:30pm to 11:33pm

Klub 33 - "FootJob-Friday!" (FootJob / Foot-Fetish Party) in Los Angeles, CA: Get passes to this party HERE!

SaT. April 24, 2021 | #SOL3MAT3S-SFV

12:30pm to 6pm

THE PREMIER Foot-Fetish / Foot Worship event @Cosmo's: Get passes to this party HERE!


Photos of @Klub Thirty3's #KinkHaus in Los Angeles, CA

Wed. April 28, 2021 | WHISK3Y WEDN3SDAY

3:33pm to 9:33pm 

Klub 33's - T3MP3LHOF STUDIO in Orange County, ca (Booze, cigars, cards & kink-fetish sessions):  -sessions with the live-action models are $40 per 15mins of "session play Time": Get passes to this party HERE!orVIA:

TBA, 2020 | #SOL3MAT3S-San Diego

7:00pm to 1am

Klub 33 -THE PREMIER San Diego Foot worship / Foot-Fetish Party in the Bay Park area of SD, east of Mission Bay:  Get passes to this party HERE!

–NO REFUNDS for ANY reason including "no-shows"; ONLY a credit to a future event (of equal value or credit will be applied

towards the purchase of a higher value party-pass) will be granted if we cancel the event or postpone it to another date.

*condom use is highly recommended for any type of vaginal / anal penetration play at K33 events

​​You must be a @KlubThirty3 member to purchase Party-Passes & attend our events! --NO EXCEPTIONS!!

-We DO NOT ADMIT door-pay guests to any of our regional events

TBA, 2020 | #SOL3MAT3S-NorCal (Silicon Valley)

6:00pm to 1am

Klub 33 -THE PREMIER-Nor Cal / Bay Area Foot worship / Foot-Fetish Party in the Silicon Valley area of NorCal's Bay Area:  Get passes to this party HERE!

Most online Party-Passes start at: $33 usually for the first 33 days and /or the first 6 single males.
Online Passes gradually increase as the event dates draw near. Online Passes the day of a party are: $66 --If you prefer to pay at the door, passes that normally start at $33 will be: $88 in cash at the door 
--We offer special discount party-passes to couples, & current / retired US Military --SINGLE LADIES ARE ALWAYS FREE!! *BUY EARLY & $AVE!! 
*Note: Some of our special events may be priced higher than $33 including those formerly with Le RendezVous events will have different prices for party-passes

​*NOTE -all guests are required to tip the ladies for sessions at most k33 parties that have live-action models assigned should any of the guests play / session with any of them.Guests are NOT required to pay other Guests for sessions, only the models are subject to pay 4 play.

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Photos of @KlubThirty3's #KlubHaus in Orange County, CA

TBA, 2020 | -#ASPHYX3A- in Las Vegas, NV

7:33pm to 2:00am

Klub 33 Presents... #ASHYX3A in sin city | 3XPERI3NCE TRU3 #ESS3NCE of WOM3N, LIV3 & IN TH3 FL3SH! – Hosted by @Klub Thirty3's in Sin City  (Party-Passes are available for both members & non-mebers: -Get #ASHYX3A Party-Passes HERE!

Sat. Oct. 24, 2020 | #SOL3MAT3S-SFV

12:30pm to 6pm

THE PREMIER Foot-Fetish event @Cosmo's: Get passes to this party HERE!

CLICK HERE to familiarize yourself with the health and safety changes we are making to be compliant with CDC guidelines & local municipal rules in regions that have re-opened

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