Klub Thirty3 urges all residents of the State of California to VOTE "NO" on proposition 60!...

At least 2/3's of the live-action models who work our lifestyle events are adult film industry actresses. Our staff & founders also hail from the adult film industry.

We at Klub Thirty3 support a "NO" vote on CA Prop 60 because of the vast, unregulated and unconstitutional over-reach of this prop.

Proponents of the law who are in favor of a yes vote have spent $4 million whereas the grassroots movement by the adult industry most of which has been on social media and by visiting college campuses, has only generated a bit over $500k 

Prop 60 if it passes will enable any person to sue adult industry performers / producers if a condom is not visible at any time during a film where vaginal or anal penetration occur. Don't be fooled, this proposition is NOT ABOUT SAFE SEX in Adult Entertainment!

If Prop 60 passes it will also name "Michael Weinstein" the founder of the Aids Healthcare Foundation as the newly appointed "porn czar" who will be paid for life with tax-payer funds and the position will enable him to go after the adult entertainment indusrty with impunity and disregard for the individual rights and liberty of any person who chooses to work in the adult entertainment industry.

One of our co-founders feels that forcing anybody to use a condom in a movie is no different than forcing an artist to use a certain type of brush to paint or forcing an author or journalist to only write in a certain style thus regulating the content, making CA prop 60 a constitutional issue that if the prop passes will more than likely end up being challenged sometime in the future at the US Supreme court.

We at Klub Thirty3; including all of the Adult Entertainment industry as a whole and all who support it, urge all CA residents to VOTE NO on Prop 60!


A PERFECT example of how Klub Thirty3 protects the privacy of our guests and models alike...

Our staff was recently approached by a TV producer representing a comedienne and comedic cable TV network seeking information about one of our specific events / parties and dropped the name of one of our staffers (the producer didn’t know the person she named was checking Klub Thirty3’s email at the time). Obviously mis-informed the producer and her media company reps did not know the person mentioned was co-owner of Klub Thirty3. Furthermore the producer requested to communicate with an organizer or attendee which we did NOT allow.

The TV producer claimed they had been in contact with the above mentioned staffer but that was false; no contact had been made to our co-owner regarding the access to organizer(s) / attendee(s) of the specific event the producer emailed us about.

The email communication was short and professional, however it raised a serious privacy concern.

Our members / guests, staff and live-action models alike can rest assured that Klub Thirty3 lifestyle events will NEVER grant interviews, shows, articles, or exposé’s by any news agency / media network.

Klub Thirty3 is a private online Klub (haven) for guests to enjoy themselves discretely and comfortably without the fear of being exposed in any manner.

Thank you for your trust in Klub Thirty3 and for your continued patronage.



As of Wednesday June 1, 2016 at midnight, Klub Thirty3 fully acquired "Le RendezVous lifestyle events". This acquisition includes all of LR's assets, websites, social media accounts, and intellectual property (copyrights / trademarks). Klub Thirty3 also absorbed and settled all of LR's debt; which was contingent for this deal to go through. -No bullshit!! --All of your favorite parties / events at Le RendezVous will now be under the Klub Thirty3 banner, thus taking LR's events to the next level and taking Klub Thirty3 along with it.

Our goal over the next several months will be providing a smooth transition for guests and Le RendezVous members who enjoy the former Le RendezVous events.

We will also provide smooth & trouble free access to our Klub Thirty3 guests and members alike when they sign up for any K33 or former LR events / parties.

All current members and recent guests of Le RendezVous lifestyle events will have their memberships / contact info rolled-over into our secure Klub Thirty3 data-base. So expect email updates and SMS-text updates from Klub Thirty3 (no longer from Le RendezVous) announcing our upcoming events. You may also visit our Klub Thirty3 EVENTS page on our website HERE.

The owner of Le RendezVous lifestyle events has been a close friend of the top brass at Klub Thirty3 since the late 1990's so when the idea was tossed around about mergers / acquisitions it was smooth, easy and non-hostile. It was decided that Klub Thirty3 had the more easily marketable brand and once it was decided to move in the direction of acquisition, we proceeded in mid April of 2016 and finalized the acquisition on Monday May 23, 2016 the Monday after the final party under the LR banner (Ticklers Revenge party on Sat May 21, 2016). With this acquisition the owner of Le RendezVous lifestyle events became our new partner!

To aid Klub Thirty3 with the added workload and into the future we will be working very closely with a high tech company that specializes in event solutions for adult clubs and the night life industry. This means that we will no longer be working with paypal to process party-pass purchases as they will be technologically obsolete for use by our company.

We expect many of our members / long time guests to have several questions. Feel free to to email us directly at: KlubThirty3@gmail.com anytime 24/7

Below are a series of questions that we anticipated; again if you don't see your question(s) or answer to your question(s) don't panic, simply email us your question(s) directly.

Thank you in advance for your patronage and support during this transition

We'll see you soon at our parties / events

-the staff  @Klub Thirty3 | KlubThirty3.com

Questions about the acquistion of Le RendezVous by Klub Thirty3:

1. All of the lifetime member(s) who actually paid to join Klub Thirty3 will NOT BE affected in anyway, shape or form by the acquisition. If you are a K33 member at any level, everything will remain the same for you at Klub Thirty3 events.

2. All Le RendezVous lifestyle events member(s) will be rolled-over to the K33 member data-base and it will not cost you anything. Your membership will remain FREE at Klub Thirty3

3. Former Le RendezVous member(s) who wish to become Klub Thirty3 lifetime member(s) may obtain a membership HERE.

4. All of the formerly owned websites that corresponded to Le RendezVous events will remain the same with the exception of logo changes, copyright updates, and changes to the ticket system into our "party-pass" system.

5. We will no longer process ticket purchases through paypal. The new ticket system will be up and running on all of the websites (LR's former sites & K33's) within 72 hours starting Wed. June 1, 2016

6. All email correspondence regarding "Le RendezVous" will be handled by KlubThirty3 starting Wed. June 1, 2016

7. All of the social network accounts that were formally obtained and used by Le RendezVous, will be rolled-over to Klub Thirty3's list of social network accounts we use to promote our parties / events (business).

8. All live-action models who have regularly worked Le RendezVous lifestyle events, may re-apply directly through K33 via: http://KlubThirty3.com/model-application.html so that the models are quickly able to work the parties under the new company.

9. Due to this acquistion, we now have access to venues in Orange County, West Hollywood, San Bernardino, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, & Long Beach, CA with the possibility of hosting events in Las Vegas, NV, and northern California's (Silicon valley & the Bay Area).

10. Klub Thirty3 will also seek license agreements to also host / organize parties / events that other businesses own to add more event options to our members / guests.

Klub Thirty3 is updating its minimum session rules effective Friday October 20, 2017 at midnight

​​For Klub Thirty3 lifestyle events to ontinue to offer our guests the best experience with respect to kink-fetish play / session time, our minimum session policy of $20 per 10mins is being updated to $30 per 15 minutes. This pay for play arrangement at most of our parties / events will offer the most comprehensive and fair session minimum fee for both the guests and live-action models. This change in our per session play policy will only affect some of our K33 parties including AKF's, TR, & CBT parties. This change DOES NOT APPLY to WOW & FJF events. -Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Klub Thirty3 is updating its WOW party session amount effective Wednesday April 24, 2019 at 11:30pm

​​For Klub Thirty3 lifestyle events to continue to offer our guests the best experience with respect to kink-fetish play / session time, our WOW party minimum session policy is being updated to $40 per 20 minutes. This change in our session play policy for WOW parties will only affect WOW parties. AKF's, TR / CBT, FJF & VFP events. -Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Klub Thirty3's staff are no longer affiliated with FNI

​​Renée Adams put in 12+ years at FNI & Russell Peter dedicated 8 years to Steve Savage's amazing company. After so many years it was time to move on and dedicate ourselves entirely to Klub Thirty3 and its members. We officially resigned on April 28, 2019 right before Russell was due for a major surgery that incapacitated him for the entire month of May 2019. During his healing Russell and Renée received dozens of emails from models and guests asking us to create our own foot-fetish & breath play events which many also inquired about while we were still with FNI. Because we had a regional franchise agreement with FNI at the time it would have been an unethical conflict of interest and against the stipulations of the franchise agreements to pursue foot-worship & breathplay events on our own. We are also like Family so it would not have been a nice thing to do. But now that we are no longer affiliated with FNI we listened to our guests / members and models and we started up #SOL3MAT3S https://solemates.vip & #ASPHYX3A

#SOL3MAT3S will be hosting Foot-Fetish / Foot-Worship only parties and #ASPHYX3A will be hosting bdsm / kink-fetish smother and breath play parties in various regions. Because we are expanding quickly we will be offering regional franchise opportunities.

both #SOL3MAT3S & #ASPHYX3A will be open to both members and non-members with the exception of certain regions which will be members only due to local municipal ordinances that affect membership organizations. We will only accept 33 members per region on a yearly bases. Model rosters will only accept 33 models per region and more will be added when spaces are available. --Thank you to all of our members / guests, staff and models for your patronage and loyalty. --k33

Klub Thirty3 will become a "Members Only" Klub begining on Friday September 1, 2017

In order for Klub Thirty3 lifestyle events to be fully compliant with local ordinances, state and federal law; Klub Thirty3 will become a "members only' klub starting at midnight on Friday September 1, 2017. We will be offering 6 types of memberships. 1. a free "standard membership" 2. a bronze level membership, 3. a silver level membership, 4. a gold level membership, 5. a platinum level membership, 6. a diamond level membership. Regardless of membership level, all guests will need to be members of Klub Thirty3 lifestyle events in order to purchase party-passes and attend our events / parties. Our legal counsel advised us to take this course of action in order to be legally compliant with respect to our expansion into other regions both in and outside of California. Free Level membership applicants must provide 3 Kink Komunity references and a current k33 member must vouch. If you don't have any references or personally know a current k33 member, consider buying your way in with our brinze, silver, gold, and diamond level memberships. Guests who purchase party-passes (tickets) or RSVP for free ladies party-passes will no longer be automatically admitted as standard members effective on Sunday April 21, 2019 at 11:30pm. Should anyone prefer to opt out of our obligatory membership they may do so in writing via email. -Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


CLICK HERE to familiarize yourself with Klub Thirty3's decision to cancel all events and shut down all of our regional venues during the Corona Virus (COVID-19 pandemic)

Klub Thirty3's ticket purchase and attendance policy (UPDATED 4/20/2017)

The new policy for purchasing party-passes / RSVP for evening events is that party passes / RSVP's must be done no later than 10:00pm pst and guests must arrive at the event and physically sign-in no later than 11:30pm for any evening event / party. --NO EXCEPTIONS. For security purposes the doors to our parties / events will be locked at 11:30pm on the dot. --NO LATE ARRIVALS will be allowed entry and guests MAY NOT sleep over after the party ends, please don't ask. The option to sleep over is only for our staff and live-action models, not guests. Again this is for the security of the venue(s), staff and live-action models.