#SOL3MAT3S https://SOL3MAT3S.com VIP-FOOT WORSHIP ONLY parties Feeturing THE VERY BEST Live-Action Models and their perfect feet.
are "Anything Goes" with FEET ONLY events held on Fridays where guests "natural moistiorizer" is dropped on the ladies feet.

VFP (Violated Feet Party): An "Anything Goes" with FEET ONLY event held on Saturdays where guests "natural moistiorizer" is dropped on the ladies feet.

#ASPHYX3A / AKF, Tickle, Swing + Kink, WOW + CBT, Members Only Events

#ASPHYX3A: bdsm / kink-fetish smother and breath play events for members only (singles + couples)

AKF = "All Kinks & Fetishes" Play party: member guests may engage in any type of Kinks or Fetishes so long as its consensual open to members only (singles + couples)

dual WOW + CBT events = Whack Off Wednesday + Cock & Ball Torture or Tease: 2 or 3 ladies will be available to session with. Open to Single Male Members Only

Cuckolding:  ​A private party for males who derive pleasure from being humiliated in a sexual &/or kink-fetish manner as their partner engages with other males in the presence of the cuck.
GloryHole: Come to the party stick your dick in a hole & a lucky lady gets you off on the other side
33& a3rd: 33 guests plus 3 very eager ladies ready for anything with everyone at the same time!
Money$hot party: A CUMshot free-for-all that may land anywhere on 1 or more lucky ladies from head to toes.

Swing + Kink Events: https://klub33.com/ Members only events for COUPLES + Single Females 

We are open to creating a space for kinky-fetish events of all kinds, what ever you're into we'll probably organize an event for it

BDSM: bondage-discipline / Sadism-masochism
DS: dominance & submission
CBT: cock & ball (torture or tease)
Tickle party: kink-fetish parties with emphasis on tickling (Ler's & Lee's)
OPP = "Open Play Party":  a xxx (sex) / kink-fetish open play party where anything & everything goes as long as its consensual among guests / live-action models.
IPP = "Impact Play Party":  a bdsm / cbt party perfect for those who enjoy consenting to being struck, paddled, whipped, or otherwise impacted with bare hands or various objects for pleasurable pain anywhere on the body. -We will have 1 to 3 live-action models assigned to the IPP's and if you decide to play with any of the assigned model(s) we ask that you pay them $30 per 15mins of play time.
"Anything Goes" Parties = what ever your kink, anything you want to do is ok as long as its consensual with the live-action models & other guests &/or participants​

Handle your "Affairs" secretly / discretely at K33 parties

Unlike some major hook-up websites that encourage users / members to have "affairs", we also encourage it; however at K33 you don't need to  pay to be a member and because our member data-base is on a separate offline data-server guests don't run the risk of having anything hacked and made available for spouses or the media to see. We at K33 offer true discretion and secrecy for all of our guests / members & the best part is that we actually provide a place for people to hook up, not some virtual piece of crap website with dumb photo profiles and other time wasting non-sense. The majority of those photos and profiles are complete bullshit anyway. Might as well use the photo of a dog and put in the description that you like it "RUFF" making it the most honest of the dating site profiles


Cuckolding:  ​A private party for males who derive pleasure from being humiliated in a sexual &/or kink-fetish manner.
GloryHole: Come to the party stick your dick in a hole & a lucky lady gets you off on the other side
33& a3rd: 33 guests plus 3 very eager ladies ready for anything with everyone at the same time!
Money$hot party: A CUMshot free-for-all that may land anywhere on 1 or more lucky ladies from head to toes.

GNO: Lez parties / Pajama-sleep-overs / Toe Tuesday's

GNO parties: Girls Night "Only" parties where women ONLY play with other WOMEN (NOT with MEN!)
Pajama-sleep-overs: Female ONLY sleep-overs through the following morning.

Off Campus Hazing: College sorority initiations

Sorority initiations: Avoid unwanted attention on or near campus, book your sorority hazing initiation party far away from the compliance nazi's at the institution that you're all enrolled in.-We know how to keep things quiet & discrete & will deny, Deny, DENY EVERYTHING in case anybody asks! --K33 will sign non-disclosure agreements with your association to guarantee full discretion.


Voyeurs (non-direct participants) who just want to watch are always welcome at all K33 parties / events *NOTE voyeurs may NOT photograph / film anything or anyone at K33 parties / events under no circumstances.​

LGBTQ+- events

*Klub Thirty3 does not host / organize / promote LGBTQ+- events. -However our friends at USA = https://www.unitedsexaddicts.com/ are the perfect outlet for members of the LGBTQ+- community --Let them know that KlubThirty3 referred you!!

YOU MUST BE AGE 18/21 or older to view this website.

If you're underage get the phuck outta here!! & don't come back until you are an adult

about klub thirty3

CLICK HERE to familiarize yourself with the health and safety changes we are making to be compliant with CDC guidelines & local municipal rules in regions that have re-opened

​*NOTE -all guests are required to tip the live-action models who attend / work most k33 parties that they may be assigned to. This includes WOW parties in California (not Nevada), 33 & a third parties, etc to tribute the ladies for working you hard | Other K33 events may require session tribute levels based on the time per session with any of the assigned live-action models. No money is to exchange hands at swinger lifestyle events for couples or single females.

*condom use is highly recommended for any type of vaginal / anal penetration play at K33 events.

Welcome to Klub thirty3

​Klub Thirty3 is an online; adults only klub, that began as a whim of two devoted lifestyle party goers / adult entertainment industry insiders who were tired of attending marginal kink-fetish events and disappointing parties that were just too damn expensive (in addition to monthly / yearly membership fees). So they decided to do their own thing and klub thirty3 was conceived. The business model is simple: We host / organize 33 parties a year, every year. We have a talent pool of 33 live-action players (pay for play models who are available as their personal schedules permit) and the first 33 days of Party-Pass availability will only cost members $33usd to purchase pre-paid passes online to have all inclusive, no holds barred sexy / kinky fun with super eager participants &/or live-action models at most of our parties. If you show up late to get party passes online after the 33rd day you pay more as the event draws near. --The point is for our members to get their party passes as early as possible so we at K33 can have a more accurate head count thus providing the perfectly organized event for our members! We also require all guests to tip each of the live-action models when you play / session with any of them. -An affordable & memorable experience at every event is what we offer. -Its that simple! Welcome to the Revolution & the AFFORDABLE solution in lifestyle events at Klub Thirty3!! -WE"RE BULLSHIT & DRAMA FREE -Please leave your everyday life at the door when you walk in and enjoy our members only events!

★★Klub Thirty3 IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC -All guests MUST BE KLUB THIRTY3 MEMBERS before purchasing any party-passes you must submit an application to be considered for membership per our vetting process --NO EXCEPTIONS. **NO MEMBER / GUEST MAY NOT RSVP to pay same day at the door. We do this for security purposes★★ We're a members ONLY Klub --Apply to be considered to join KlubThirty3 -HERE!  


& LIFESTYLE adult social Klub & regional event organization


Single males and couples are welcome to attend

--SINGLE LADIES may attend most of our events for free, the only caveat is that they must also be members to attend!


Apply to be considered for membership here

the kinkiest place on earth!