Join Klub Thirty3 for LIFE!

The Klub Thirty3 lifetime pass will become the ultimate membership for those who seek to enjoy their personal lives anytime they want for life! -No bullshit!!

Only thirty three (33) lifetime passes will be available on a first come, 1st served basis every year until we have 99 members within a 3 year time frame. All K33 membership applicants must be age 18 or older & 21 or older to consume alcohol at all K33 parties / events.

As soon as the thirty three (33) membership quota is filled per year or 99 memberships are booked within 3 years; a waiting list will be started. Potential members on the waiting list will be contacted as spaces open up and potential lifetime K33 members will have 33 days to make a decision. If a potential member on the K33 lifetime membership waiting list doesn’t join within the allotted 33 days, the space on the waiting list will be lost and the opportunity to join for life will be passed on to the next person on the waiting list… its that simple.

What you get with a lifetime membership is FREE entrance for life to any K33 party / event anywhere. We just started but have made a sizeable investment in the future of the K33 organization and we will be expanding to other regions soon. This means that where ever you travel to, if there is a K33 party / event, as a lifetime member you’ll have the right to attend.

Other K33 perks that are included are:

1. The lifetime member who actually paid to join will be the primary lifetime member and primary members may include a secondary lifetime member (for a total of 2 lifetime members of K33 for the price of one).

2. Any primary K33 lifetime member may remove / add a secondary lifetime member anytime without the secondary member’s consent. (If a secondary member wishes to purchase their own membership to become a primary member they most certainly can without any person’s consent.

3. Primary and secondary K33 lifetime member(s) when they come to K33 parties / events together may bring 1 (one) guest with them for FREE to any K33 party. Any additional guests will have to pay $33 to enter the party / event. If any primary / secondary K33 lifetime member wishes to bring a guest without the other’s knowledge / consent its ok and we won’t tell; but if any drama arises out of it, it’s your problem, don’t make it ours.

4. We are 100% Bullshit & Drama FREE! And please don’t forget this if any disputes arise between primary / secondary members. If any DRAMA for any reason finds its way to us, we reserve the right to terminate ANY K33 membership for any reason (and this includes lifetime memberships) so play nice, be open and honest with your partners and everything should go smoothly. –communication is key to enjoy a possible lifetime among partners.

5. The only parties / events K33 lifetime members may not attend are privately booked parties such as college sorority parties or parties that are only for members of the opposite sex i.e. girls only parties, etc.

6. Every season (4 times per year) we will host a lifetime members only party and depending on the party, lifetime (primary / secondary) members who come to these special events may bring 1 guest for FREE.

 7. Also primary K33 lifetime account holders are allowed to have 1 guest with a + 1 attend any party / event for FREE one time per year and this perk ends on the last day of every calendar year at at midnight.

 8. Any primary member may pass their primary membership on or before their passing (death) to any secondary member of their choosing; however, the secondary member who becomes a primary member through the original member may not do the same either while alive or at the time of his or her passing. The membership ends with the acquisition of the membership by the secondary and is no longer transferable after their passing.

 9. All K33 memberships regardless of the type of memberships must be paid in cash (United States of America paper currency) or electronically here: and all K33 memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE. –no exceptions.

10. All K33 members must fill out a membership form (online or on paper), present a valid state issued DL / ID at the time they acquire the membership or they may submit their state issued DL/ID when they apply for the lifetime pass here: .

11. Potential members must first apply online on our webpage / website link URL , once notified via email of the acceptance of the application proceed to purchase the membership via: --If you prefer to pay in cash, we’ll need to setup a pre-arranged meeting that may or may not be at a K33 event / party simply due to scheduling. We understand that some folks require more privacy than others so please indicate if any additional steps / arrangements need to be made to secure any meetings to acquire a K33 membership. If our staff needs to travel outside of Southern California to meet with you, you’ll need to cover travel expenses to secure the meeting. If you’re more comfortable with house-calls we will certainly oblige and come to you if you stay in anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area (this includes Los Angeles and Orange County, and the inland empire.

12. K33 lifetime members may have K33 sanctioned members only party at their homes / property(s) 2 times per year and are allowed to only invite K33 lifetime members and up to 33 lower tier K33 members (plus the K33 staffers). All party / event expenses will be 100% covered by the member who wants to have the party on their property. Klub Thirty3 staff will need to survey your property for both safety and legal compliance. There will also need to be easy access and plenty of unrestricted parking. We will need to discuss and agree to the party-pass fees and profit sharing should we host parties at any lifetime members properties.

13. K33 event / party rules in addition to all membership rules are subject to change at any time for any reason without prior notification.

Submit your application for a Klub Thirty3 (K33) lifetime membership pass below

CLICK HERE to familiarize yourself with the health and safety changes we are making to be compliant with CDC guidelines & local municipal rules in regions that have re-opened

*Once you have filled in all the applicable sections of the entire application, click the submit button only once.